Like a Bigfoot

Huge thank you to “The Blackalachian” Daniel White for joining me on the show this week!

A year ago Daniel was keeping his life busy, grinding away at a job he wasn’t passionate about.  Doing the same thing day after day, until a cousin suggested he do something completely insane.  Hike the Appalachian Trail.  Walk through the mountains all the way from Georgia to Maine.  Daniel was in.

I’m so inspired by his story because he went from a complete newbie and took the hardest step- just starting.  Growing up, hiking and camping wasn’t the norm in his community.  Before his hike he had never slept out in the woods or climbed a mountain.  But he wanted to challenge his own status quo.

There are so many aspects of his story that define bravery: saying you are going to finish something and letting absolutely nothing stop you, being flexible and learning on the fly, accepting adversity and maintaining joy, and setting off the normal path of life to forge your own way!

In this episode Daniel shares his story.  What was the first week like?  What lessons did he learn and how did he change over the course of the trip?  When was the first moment he truly felt like a thru-hiker?  What messages does he have for people who are stuck in life or uncomfortable doing something outside the norm?

Huge thanks again to Daniel for taking some time to chat with me! I was inspired to chat with him after reading this wonderful article “First Gold-Mout Rapper to Thru-hike the Appalachian Trial”

Also make sure you check out his EXCELLENT Youtube channel “The Blackalachian”.  He recorded almost every day on the trail and his videos will give you a great idea of what it takes to complete a thru-hike of the AT.


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