Like a Bigfoot

Week two of Appalachian Trail adventures on the Like a Bigfoot Podcast!!

This week we are joined by Matt Marrero, trail name “Mojo”, a southbound hiker who recently completed his journey on the Appalachian Trail.

Last year he finished college and almost immediately traveled up to Mt. Katahdin in Maine and started walking.  Over 5 and a half months, he experienced all the joy, freedom, pain, understanding, struggle and accomplishment that the trail brings.  A real life-changing experience!

Matt loves chatting about his time on the AT and I really enjoyed hearing his tales about his many adventures on the trail.  In this episode we chat about what really inspired him to take on this quest, the biggest meal of his whole entire life, the beauty of trail angels, awesome trail nicknames, how he handled the challenging moments, what the trail taught him about himself and what he plans on doing in the future.

Also what inspired him and some friends to take on a brutal 28 mile day???  SPOILER ALERT: It rhymes with “Spinese Chuffet”

Combine this with last week’s episode with the “Blackalachian” Daniel White and you will really get a good idea of what trail life is like (although I have to imagine you really have to be there to fully “get it”).

Hope you guys enjoy the last episode of 2017!!! It’s been an amazing year! Thanks again for everyone who’s tuned in and extra thanks for all of our amazing guests!!!!!!! EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!






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