Like a Bigfoot

How to become Superhuman, the importance of pursuing new ideas, the mindset of a hard-worker, and, of course, surviving a multi-day Go Ruck challenge (the HCL) while profusely bleeding from your leg.  AND SO MUCH MORE!!

Ryan Esdohr, co-owner of  Superhuman Lab , is a deep thinking student of fitness who is constantly exploring ways to broaden the way we think of performance.  Through his company he explores mobility, recovery, and self care in order to discover how athletes can elevate what they are capable of.

I met Ryan three years ago when he owned “Iowa Powered Yoga” in Urbandale.  After attending one class, based off of my wife’s recommendation, I quickly realized that I had found my favorite yoga teacher.  He was personable, well informed, funny and led a KILLER workout.  Over the past three years, I have frequently practiced his yoga lessons from youtube.  In fact, I would say that he’s one of the main reasons I have become a proponent for doing brief yoga sessions every single day.

As Iowa Powered Yoga developed into Superhuman Lab, I was curious to reach out and hear his story (and to solicit free athletic advice).  I’m so grateful I did because this conversation has become one of my favorites!

Ryan has a wonderful outlook and philosophy when it comes to hard work, masochistic endurance events, and how to live a worthwhile life.

Hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed talking to him!

My favorite thing to do during a recovery day

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