Like a Bigfoot

This week’s episode was absolutely fascinating to me.  When I heard that my buddy Brandon Swett went to a 10 day silent meditation retreat, my first response was “He did WHAT??”  Brandon had never come across to me as the kind of person who would participate in something so outside the box.  Over the past two years he has completely challenged his old mindset and is studying meditation on his way to a greater self awareness.  The retreat played a huge role in his life.

Many people have dabbled into meditation, me included, but very few have experienced the intensity of a 10 day silent retreat. And damn did it sound intense!

I was curious to hear all about the power of Brandon’s adventure, the physical, emotional, and mental journey completely eliminating distractions for 10 days took him on, and the life lessons he has welcomed into his life.

I’m so happy Brandon was willing to open up, share and really get raw about the ups and downs he has experienced.  This one goes deep.  In fact, this is probably the deepest conversation Brandon and I have ever had; one of the many reasons I am enjoying doing this podcast every week.