Like a Bigfoot

This week I’m joined by Gemini Adventures race director Reid Delman to talk all things Desert RATS Stage Race, race directing, and the mindset needed to power through big time endurance events.

……and cage fighting!

Reid is a wonderful race director inspired by his own experiences to design events that push participants beyond what they think is possible.  He has organized all sorts of different adventures in western Colorado and Utah that range from ultra marathons to multi-day stage races to ultra distance mountain bike races.

In this episode we dig into Reid’s past as a multi-faceted athlete who has wrestled collegiately at Ohio State, competed in MMA, ran numerous ultra marathons and even participated in the Eco-Challenge.  We also discuss his mindset and how he applies toughness and adventure to his events.

Mostly, we discuss the Desert RATS stage race in which I’m participating in this June.  What are the biggest obstacles to overcome when running multiple days through the desert?  How do you go about preparing for the intense heat?  How do you stay hydrated?  And how do you keep pushing forward to finish such a brutal event?

Enjoy the episode! Be sure to check out Gemini Adventures for future events.  I’ve ran two of Reid’s races at this point and guarantee you will have an amazing time!


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