Like a Bigfoot

On this week’s episode of the podcast I got to sit down in my back yard and enjoy a conversation with one of my best buddies Brandon Swett.

Brandon was previously on episode 9 of the show discussing his experience at a 10 day silent meditation retreat (I highly suggest you check out that one!)  This week we chat about a wide variety of topics: Heroism, Swimming, Canoeing in Maine, and why I can’t watch horror films.  We also chat about one of the many things that makes both of us exactly like Indiana Jones- our fear of snakes.

I hope you guys enjoy this episode as much as I did! After recording Brandon looked at me and said “that was a random smorgasbord of topics….” and I high fives him!  After weeks and weeks of picking people’s brain for running tips in the lead up to my stage race (two weeks away!!!!) it was such a stress reliever for me to just hang out and catch up with a friend.

EXTRAS: Also at the end of the podcast during the Outro I recommend an adventure book and crazy sports documentary that absolutely blew my mind!! Make sure you listen for that if you’re looking for something good to read or watch on Netflix.


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