Like a Bigfoot

On this week’s episode of the podcast I got the opportunity to chat with endurance coach and mountain athlete Travis Macy.

Travis is an experienced adventure athlete who has participated (and won) a wide variety of events .  He’s competed in elite adventure races all around the world, 100 mile ultra marathons and ultra endurance mountain biking events.  He is also the author of the Ultra Mindset one of the best books I’ve read about motivation and mental techniques that will not only help you be successful as an athlete, but will be useful in your everyday life.

In this episode, we chat about how he embraces the Ultra Mindset.  We also touch on a wide variety of topics like hunting, parenting, adventure racing and how he survived Leadman (competing in every ultra endurance event in Leadville, CO in one summer).

If you enjoy this episode check out Travis’s website for information about his coaching and be sure to read his excellent book the Ultra Mindset.

Thanks for listening!!

(P.S.- My computer messed up and accidentally deleted the last 15 minutes of the conversation….I’m super disappointed this happened and spent the afternoon trying to get it back….Super bummed because Travis is such an interesting guy and shared such amazing advice…..On the plus side, this might mean I’ll have an excuse to hang out with him again!)




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