Like a Bigfoot

Care about what you are doing in this moment.  Care about how you are showing up.  Care about how you are presenting yourself.

Care about how you are affecting others (not how others see you…but how you make them feel).

Care about how your present affects your future.

Care about your quest for happiness.  Care about your life journey.  Care about the little moments.  Care about your goals.

Care about your integrity.  Care about your effect on the environment.

Care about your free time.  Care about what information you are putting in your head.  Care about how you are spending your money.

Care about creating adventures.

Simply, care about your life and how you are living it.

Be aware of all these things.  Do not travel through life zombified…unable to escape the momentum of situations…simply going from one moment to the next.

Caring about each moment allows you to experience your journey and steer your path with your intentions.

Thanks for reading!  Enjoy this crazy Wednesday!