Like a Bigfoot

This morning I was at the gym completely enthralled in the Tim Ferris Show Podcast.

I always joke and say podcasts are what keeps me in shape and what keeps are house clean, because usually I’ll find a good show during a workout and chores.  The reason I love them so much is because they are so unlike “normal” interviews; instead they are more long form conversations.  They usually range anywhere from one hour to 3 hours so you get to really get to know the interviewer and the interviewee by the end of the episode.

Every once in awhile I’ll listen to one that completely knocks it out of the ballpark.

Tim’s episode titled “Interview Master: Cal Fussman and the Power of Listening” does just that.  (NOTE: I’m only an hour in and already utterly fascinated)

Cal is a journalist who has lived a life.  He’s interviewed people from all walks of life- everyone from politicians to sports figures to actors to regular folk from all around the world.  To say he’s really good at conversation is putting it lightly- he excels at asking questions and, unexpectedly, can TELL a great story.  So far his stories about traveling around the world and relying on his conversation skills are incredible.

Highly recommended.  Check it out!

Looking forward to listen to the last two hours of it tonight…maybe I’ll get some laundry done!