Like a Bigfoot

New Year, New athletic goals.

First goal as per usual = get outside as much as possible.  I had an amazing morning recently running up two of the best trails near Roanoke Virginia. (Seriously, if you wanna experience some of the best views the Appalachian Trail has to offer, hike up McCaffee Knob and the Dragon’s Tooth)

Other Goals:  A lot of bodyweight movement goals along with a new slackline set (inspired by Ido Portal and one of my best friends Calvin Johannsenn)

Running Goals:  I’m currently signed up for two big trail races:  Holiday Lake 50k in Appomatox Virginia (February 13th…not February 28th like I thought up until literally right NOW…holy crap I gotta step up the training!)  and the Grayson Highlands 50k in the most beautiful park in Virginia (April 23rd) which I have the pleasure of running with two 50k newbies Travis Steffen and Monique Benabou.  So stoked to expose this amazing sport to two wonderful people.  I’m currently on the lookout for an adventure race near Virginia or North Carolina, so if you have any suggestions let me know.  Last year Team Yes Happy had a great time at the Rev3 Shenandoah Strong as you can tell:

Plan of attack #1:  Train Smarter.

Less quantity and more quality trail runs.  No more junk miles (aka running unconsciously just to do it) and more focus on intentional training.  5 runs a week (1 long run and 1 short speed training session on the track) for the next two months (check that: one and a half months…holy crap).  More yoga and intentional strength training (high reps less weight to get dominate the cardio)

Plan of attack #2:  Excellent nutrition

….mostly to counteract all the (delicious) junk I ate over the holidays.  Green smoothies daily, tacoize everything (make food into tacos…avocado tacos, egg tacos, tuna tacos, quinoa tacos…tacos are the best!)  Dessert is now blueberries instead of cookies which is quite the feat because my wife is one heck of a baker!

Plan of attack #3:  Daily inspiration

10 minutes a day of quality books.  Just finished the Slight Edge which was life changing and just started the Happiness Advantage.

Inspirational videos and podcasts.

Today’s inspiration:  Reminder of my last difficult race the Mountain Masochist 50 miler.  (You can see me in the red coat and giant ass gloves at 6 minutes)

​Hope you all (y’all because I’m currently in the south) kick major butt on your 2016 goals.  When they get hard just remember “Obstacles are expected AND embraced!