Like a Bigfoot

This is going to be a quick post today.  I promise I’m working on some serious articles and I have some awesome experiences I want to write about (mancations, meeting personal heroes, adventure races, book reviews and other crazy things), but today I want to do just one thing:

Scare the crap out of my mom.

Since beginning my trail running adventures a few years ago she has been adamant that I will step on a snake, specifically the venomous copperheads.  “Watch out for snakes” is what she tells me every time I mention heading out for a run. I’m pretty sure in her mind I’m hopping over like 50 of these creepy crawlers every single day.  In fact, she bought me a little tag to put on my shoe with my name and phone number on it in case of a snake attack.

After the hundreds of hours spent in the woods, I’ve tried to tell her that a copperhead sighting is very rare and most times they are safely off of the trail (except the time my foot landed within 4 inches of the damn thing causing me to stumble backwards making the weirdest guttural sound that’s ever come out of my mouth).

Yesterday I extended my “Not-getting-bit-by-a-copperhead-and-subsequently-paying-a-bunch-of-money-at-the-emergency-room-for-the-antidote”streak to 6-0 when I came over a hill and one was hiding in the leaves.  So here you go mom…don’t freak out!


Friday Morning Inspiration:

Life isn’t stagnant.  Just because your situation is what it is right now, doesn’t mean it will always be that way.  I think we all know this, but we may just need a reminder every so often. Life in general is always in flux.  If your situation right now completely sucks try to remember that it won’t be terrible forever.  Our seasons are constantly shifting.

Your life is lived in seasons.  It’s what makes life adventurous!  If you are stuck in a crap season, maybe you have developed unhealthy habits or you simply dislike your situation, know that the season can and will change.

That being said, YOU have to take initiative. No one else is going to do it for you.  You alone have the power to switch the gears of your lie and drive into a brand new season.  Use that power.  Keep shifting gears towards happiness and you will eventually have a pretty damn good life.

And try not to step on any ****ing snakes.