Like a Bigfoot

**** humidity!

Fill in the little stars with whatever four letter word you want, but understand that in my eyes its intended to start with an ‘F’.

Blah what a hot, humid, soul crushing long run this morning.

12 miles usually isn’t too bad….in the spring, fall and winter.  In summer (summer is coming) it is an energy zapping goliath EFFORT!

When it is already 80 degrees and 70% humidity at 8 in the morning you know you are in for a hellish workout.

Here’s what I learned about myself this morning:

  • I’m stubborn when I argue with myself

“Listen brain, I said TWELVE MILES and by golly we are going to do TWELVE MILES!!”

“Wow you are super cool for saying ‘by golly’…that’s what all the kids are saying these days.”

“Quiet you!”

  •   The Obstacle is the Way

To prepare for my upcoming athletic events (which as of right now consist solely on climbing the second highest mountain in Colorado next week and preparing for the sleepless nights of newborn dadhood)  I must choose to embrace Obstacles.  (This word is underlined, bolded, and in italics…must be important!)

Humidity is just an obstacle.

When you’re trying to finish 12 miles, it is a craptastic should destroying obstacle, but its JUST an obstacle nonetheless.

Life will present you PLENTY of obstacles, use them to better yourself!!  But be aware to not let the obstacles use you.  Don’t back down from these barriers.

View them for what they are- simply stepping stones to accomplishment.

Obstacle appears, you embrace the challenge, you figure out how to get past the obstacle and take home the lessons learned for obstacles to come, a new obstacle appears.

That’s how it is.  In that sense I’m grateful that it was humid and I had to deal with adversity on what should have been an ‘easyish’ workout.

  • I sweat like a pig (Do pigs sweat???? More scientific research needed)

On the other hand I stick with my original “**** humidity “statement!

I was drenched instantly and had to deal with attempting to stay hydrated with only two bottles of water.

In retrospect, I should have packed some electrolytes and maybe a third bottle, but the intense humidity popped up unexpectedly to me (although if I had any sense I would have just googled the weather).

Guess I learned some lessons from today’s obstacles.

  • I could probably use some good ole fashioned adversity every now and then

Sometimes I go on “cruise control” and although I’m working out or running I’m essentially going through the motions.

Am I challenging myself? Nope….I’ve done this workout a billion times before.

When I have an upcoming race or an event to train for this doesn’t happen as often as each workout becomes important to get my body ready for the event.  Unfortunately, I don’t have anything on the schedule right now.  Maybe this is a clue that “Time to search for the next thing to train for.”

Needless to say today taught me that it’s good to get pushed out of my comfort zone every so often.


At the end of the run, I was drenched.  I looked like someone just heaved me in a river, clothes and all.  For the last 7 miles, my soaking wet running shoes would squish and slosh with every step I took.  Afterwards I poured probably a good 20 oz bottle worth of sweat out of them (hey…I didn’t say this blog was going to skimp on the grubby details, did I?).

Now I’m at home having spent the last two hours chugging water.

I’m glad I did it.  Glad I finished the twelve miles.

I’m sitting here basking in the glory of that feeling of accomplishment that you get when you actually finish something that your brain and body wanted nothing more than to quit.  

Feels pretty damn good!

Hope you go out and overcome some obstacles today.

Thanks for reading!