Like a Bigfoot

One of my best friends is in the midst of his 14ers Project where he is hiking 75 mountains in 75 days and filming a documentary.  We’re not talking about “small” mountains, we are talking the 14ers- the tallest ones in the contiguous United States!

As of today he has finished 15 and is going strong!  Please support him by following Calvin.Johannsen on instagram or the hashtag #14ersproject or #75mtns75days

If you are in Colorado, California or Washington feel free to join him by contacting him by filling out the participation form here.  He’s currently in Colorado in the middle of the “Collegiate Peaks”, the massive mountains lining the skyline between Buena Vista and Leadville, and is hopefully part way up Mt. Yale this morning.

Why climb a 14er??? Why not??

It’ll be one of the best experiences you have…that’s a promise!

Come on how could you not be inspired by this beautiful mountain climbing man??