Like a Bigfoot

This week I’m very excited to bring you a conversation with leadership coach and owner of Elev8 Educ8 Rejuven8 Tyler Johnson.

This year I get the opportunity to teach a 12 week leadership course to middle school students at my school.  I’m really excited for this opportunity because I feel like it plays right into my strengths and has the potential to be a really fun, effective class.  I wanted to sit down with Tyler because, after years and years of being a leader and absorbing lessons from some of the best pro athletes out there, he is now taking his wisdom and spreading it to the next generation.

Back in college Tyler grew into a leadership role as a defensive back for the University of Northern Iowa Panthers football team.  His passion for sports led him to work in the offices of pro baseball for the White Sox to the Positive Coaching Alliance and then to forming his own leadership program.

All that being said, Tyler is an outstanding person to nurture and grow young leaders.  He’s extremely positive, charismatic, intelligent and very well versed in leadership and the best practices for young people.

Wherever you are in life, you have the capability of leading.  You have people who look to you, see how you act and will follow your example.  This is power that each and every one of us have the capability to use.  How can we use this power to the best of all of our abilities?  How can we spread goodness to each other through our actions, our words, and our values?

I think you guys will love this episode and will take away some valuable insight.  I am extremely grateful for this conversation with Tyler! Big thanks to him for sharing his story and insights!

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